Paul Borchers


Formed in 1996 by Paul Borchers, Johan Kleinjan and Bruno Ferro Xavier Da Silva, Antistrot was a visual band, a group of artists to work together as individuals on murals and paintings. The creative process focusses on creating as a group, using the same medium but mixing individual styles.

The group met as Illustration students at the Willem De Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and came to reject the view that illustrators are not fine artists.

Like the Dadaists Antistrot uses disparate sources like popular magazines, vintage comics, typography and off course art history. They juxtapose the disconnected images in order to highlight a chaotic irrationallity of contemporary society.

They were certainly not the first artists to band together to make a point but their joined attack had a new twist as they refer to as "complete saturation". Because the images are intertwined, their symbolic value merge into a narrative that changes, depending on where your eyes lead you. No image or idea is left to itself. Instead the whole is saturated by association.

Each work is spontaneous, never premeditated, like a impromptu performance, each painting tests the new boundaries and potential.The members continued producing paintings and murals without David Elshout from 2010 as Kamp Horst Rotterdam.

Source: Art critic Julia Morton

Artist members were: Paul Borchers, Johan Kleinjan, Bruno Ferro Xavie Da Silva, Silas Schletterer, David Elshout and Michiel Walrave.

Representations: MK Galerie Rotterdam, Sara Techia Roma New York, Shooting Gallery San Francisco

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