Paul Borchers

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Paul Borchers is a New Zealand born, Dutch artist based in San Francisco

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He’s been working on a variety of art and commercial projects since 2003, collaborating with artists from all over the world. Back in his college days, Paul formed an arts collective with his classmates called Antistrot. They toured the world together, bringing their unique sense of pop mischief through large scale murals and live performances. To this day, they still make innovative work together under the name Kamp Horst.Paul is also an illustrator and graphic designer and has created editorial and covers for Rough Trade, Men’s Health, DemonRecords, Virgin, Avantgarde Magazine and many more. Recently he has embarked on more animation work and produced animated videos promoting Stephen King’s “It” and the Justice League for Village Roadshow. In his spare time he’s been releasing electronic music through the Rotterdam label Electronic Emergencies and plays drums for the likes of Bernard Butler, Faris Badwan, Damo Suzuki,  Jackie McKeown and Rhys Chatham. 

Flying Mau Cat is his much loved debut comic and it is also available as instacomic @flyingmaucat.

Paul is represented by Deborah Ayerst Artists’ Agent in the USA, The Illustration Room in Australia.